Murathan Ucar

Birthday: 05.10.1976
Hometown: Cologne
Years of riding: 6
Describe yourself in three words... not enough words for me ;)
What made you go wakeboarding: the examiend of actionsports
What inspires you: people in a good mood
A perfect day is... a good breakfast with a sweet girl, riding the whole day, barbecue in the evening and sex with the sweet girl... ;D

Top 5 things you LOVE:
Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, girls, flat water, the life how it is!
Top 5 things you HATE:
long queues at the cable, jealouse, lordliness, windy days, trickskiers

   Album: what's my name
   Movie: to many
  TV-Show: TV-Total
   Superhero: Mum & Dad
   Food: Fish
   Drink: Cuba Libre
Last words: Live your life, don't dream it!