Mirco Langholz

Birthday: 27.07.1981
Hometown: Hamburg
Years of riding: 6
Describe yourself in three words... motivated & hyperactive
What made you go wakeboarding: having fun with friends at the cable
What inspires you: all the young kids...they learn soooo fast
A perfect day is... family-breakfast, shredding the whole day and chill out with a good tasting beer in the evening

Top 5 things you LOVE:
summer, family, wakeboarding, kite- / windsurfing, ealy bird sessions
Top 5 things you HATE:
stress, working during summertime, bad weather

   Album: some of Jack Johnson
   Movie: Riding Giants
   TV-Show: ...
   Superhero: my son
   Food: Pasta
   Drink: Coke / Beer
Last words: KEEP ON ROCKING!