Felix Aurig

Birthday: Once a year
Hometown: Regensburg
Years of riding: Since 2003
Describe yourself in three words... Aw e some
What made you go snowboarding: Not my Dad
What inspires you: My Friends
A perfect day is... a day which is perfect

Top 5 things you LOVE:
My friends, family, sports in almost every kind except of schoolsports, Ripzone and of course ME
Top 5 things you HATE:
Moshing, UVEX, behaviours which I can't understand, hardcore coolness and sticks in asses

   Album: Husso Mixtape
   Movie: Restless
   TV-Show: Hartz 4 Aktuell
   Superhero: Herr Kuhles alias me
   Food: is essential for living
   Drink: too
Last words: THANKS to all kindo' supporters from family, friends and of course my super crazy poppin' sponsors: Ripzone, Bateleon, Neff, 21Inch