Matthias "Völli" Völker

Birthday: 04.08.1980
Hometown: Rum, Austria
Years of riding: 18
Describe yourself in three words...
liberal, venturesome...and a bit crazy
What made you go snowboarding: In 1992 I asked my parents what they think about snowboarding...the same year on christmas I got my first old fish style "Burton Air"
What inspires you: perfect movies and photos about extreme sports (snowboarding, surfing, biking...)
A perfect day is...good shaped park, blue bird, no crowds of tourists in ski resorts
Top 5 things you LOVE:
travelling around the world, chillin', photography, biking
Top 5 things you HATE: Soccer, Formula 1 and skiing on TV, icy parks, hot and sticky summers, unreliable dudes, hangover after a long party night

   Album: ––
   Movie: Lord of the rings
   TV-Show: The Simpsons
   Superhero: ––
   Food: Italian, Thai, Greek, BBQ
   Drink: Wine, water
Last words: Snowboarding is NOT the one and only important thing!