Kai Schüssel

Birthday: 15.08.1988
Hometown: Bayreuth
Years of riding: Some!
Describe yourself in three words...crazy, funny, smooth
What made you go snowboarding: My daddy
What inspires you: Snowboard DVDs from Finger on da Trigger Productions
A perfect day is...a sunny day with my friends in the mountain :)
Top 5 things you LOVE:
Snowboarding, travelling, PARTY, girls, Ripzone

Top 5 things you HATE:
Soccer, no snow in winter, icy parks, injuries, stressful people

   Album: No Album but mixes from Pete Kaltenburg
   Movie: The Arena
   TV-Show: Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
   Superhero: Captain America
   Food: principal thing
   Drink: Monster Energy with Wodka

Last words:
Big THANKS to all my sponsors! Peace!